Kate Bullock Muir                                    

Fine Art


Kate Bullock Muir was born in Luxembourg in 1986.

She studied at Bath Spa University and graduated in 2008 with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting. She completed her Masters in Fine Art at the University of Brighton in 2010.

She frequently asks: why paint? Her answer: it’s being involved in a process, a sense of immediacy and physical dimension which interestingly gives her control over the marks she makes - as well as an element of chance. 

Her work has always responded to her surroundings both physical and imagined, often referencing architectural space. She endeavours to reduce painting to its simplest abstract form. Her work is concerned with scale, showing an awareness of the impact created by small and large dimensions.

The physical act of painting is important to her, as is the process and ritual of creating work over a period of time so that a painting embodies its own history.